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-- Dena, 5/5/19

Beautiful expression of the female form
-- Karen Bradley, 2/1/19

Love the goddess collection, such amazing color and beauty!
-- Doreen Wilson, 12/11/18

You're a gifted artist Aaron. Love the colors and detail of your rainbow goddesses.
-- Sophie, 11/21/17

Very sensuous and expressionistic view of women. Thank you for presenting us as many different variations on a beautiful theme.
-- Rhonda Dorsett, 8/13/16

Sublime and beautiful art forms of the femme physique. The 2011 graphite collection is quite phenomenal and my personal favorite.
-- Dion, 12/29/12

Your masterpiece is great! You are talent and hardworking.
-- Stephanie, 2/26/12

FIRST time I actually looked to see your work. Nicely done. Will we see some 2011 items soon?
-- Judy Moor, 11/2/11

Is it arfistic yet? Nice going
-- Fuzzy Aztrezewbski, 3/19/11

I really like the colors on all the new stuff...very nice!
-- Rachael, 3/26/09

Wow! Nice work
-- Laurie Kranick, 2/22/09

Aaron, Congratulations on your beautiful artwork, and compiling into such a friendly website! Very impressive and beautiful!
-- Hardev, 2/13/09

Aaron-Great to final see your work!! Incredible.
-- Michael Smith, 2/3/09

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